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N9000A CXA Signal Analyzer Trade-In Deal

Trade to Trade from Maximum credit* End date Save now
N9000A CXA signal analyzer ESA-E spectrum analyzer:
E4402B, E4404B, E4405B, E4407B
2014-12-31 Get info / quote for
CSA spectrum analyzer:
ESA-L spectrum analyzer:
E4411B, E4403B, E4408B
859xE series spectrum analyzer:
8591E, 8593E, 8594E
8595E, 8596E
859xL series spectrum analyzer:
8590L, 8592L, 8594L

Deal in brief

Receive a credit worth up to 40% when you trade an eligible ESA-E, ESA-L, 859xE or 859xL series spectrum analyzer toward the new N9000A CXA signal analyzer.

Why upgrade?

The N9000A CXA signal analyzer are versatile, low-cost tools with better performance, greater speed and more applications than previous technology.

Reconfigure easily to meet evolving manufacturing test needs

With a variety of license-key upgradable measurement applications, you can quickly and easily reconfigure the CXA to fit changing requirements in manual or automated testing.

Find new insights with a range of measurement applications

The CXA shares a common library with other X-Series analyzers that contains more than 20 advanced applications and uses an open Windows® operating system that can run MATLAB and 89600 VSA software.

Teach RF signal analysis with a solid basic tool

From basic RF circuit characterization to advanced signal analysis, the CXA is an excellent tool for education. In addition to built-in capabilities, you can add 89600 VSA and integrate into analysis environments such as MATLAB®.

Resolve precompliance test issues early and avoid costly rework

The new EMC measurement application enables easier, more accurate precompliance emissions testing of prototype electrical devices by reducing test margins while meeting commercial and MIL-STD regulatory limits.

Terms and conditions

- Credits are based on 1-to-1 Trade-In deals, i.e., one eligible Trade-In model traded toward one new product. Credits apply to Trade-In models and new products with the same frequency, e.g., a 6.7-GHz Trade-In model traded toward a 7-GHz new product. If a 6.7-GHz Trade-In model is traded toward a 26.5-GHz new product, it will receive the credit for the 6.7-GHz model.

- The Trade-In credit can be added to a purchase agreement (PA) discount.

How to trade

We are here to help. To learn more about this deal, please contact your Agilent sales representative or click the "get info/quote" button above. We can advise you on Trade-In availability, terms and conditions for your country. Please note that credits may vary based on local currency.

Custom deal

We try to stay flexible. If you would like to trade toward a new model that is not included in a Trade-In deal or you would like to trade in a model that is not listed as eligible, contact us anyway. We may be able to tailor a deal just for you.