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B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer Trade-In Deal

Trade to Trade from Maximum credit* End date Save now
B1500A semiconductor device analyzer 4155B, 4155C, 4156B
4156C, 4157A, 4157B
USD $5,200
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Keithley 4200-SCS USD $5,200
4145A, 4145B, 4155A, 4156A USD $3,900
Tektronix 370B, 371B, 370A, 371A USD $5,000
Tektronix 575, 576, 577 USD $1,500

Deal in brief

You receive a credit worth up to USD $5,200* when you trade eligible models toward the new Agilent B1500A semiconductor device analyzer.

Flexible and expandable configuration

The B1500A takes an innovative task-oriented approach to device characterization that lets users immediately become productive and maximize ROI. Instead of focusing on learning the instrument hardware, engineers choose the type of measurement required via the intuitive Windows-based graphical user interface. Then EasyEXPERT software selects the appropriate settings, makes the measurements, analyzes the data, and displays it graphically.

The B1500A's modular 10-slot configuration helps reduce cost of test by allowing you to buy only what you need up front, leaving room to grow as your needs change. The mainframe supports both IV and CV measurements, and the SMU CMU Unify Unit makes it effortless to switch between the two, with no need to worry about cable length, capacitance compensation, and capacitance measurement current return path.

A high-voltage semiconductor pulse generator unit (HV-SPGU) is available for non-volatile memory test and other pulsed applications. The HV-SPGU can output +/-40 V, can create 12.5 ns pulse widths, supports 3-level pulses, and has an arbitrary linear waveform generation capability. A waveform generator / fast measurement unit (WGFMU) is available with 100 ns pulse widths, 10 V peak-to-peak outputs, and 5 ns current or voltage measurement sampling speed. The WGFMU can be used for pulsed IV measurement, NBTI/PBTI measurement, RTS noise measurement, PRAM/ReRAM characterization, and other types of transient and time domain measurements.

An all-around solution

Extremely low-current, low-voltage measurement resolution means the B1500A can be used for a wide range of semiconductor device characterization needs, including memory cells or copper interconnects. And the Microsoft Windows PC-based instrument integrates easily into most existing work environments.

How to trade

We are here to help. To learn more about this deal, please contact your Agilent sales representative or click the "get info/quote" button above. We can advise you on Trade-In availability, terms and conditions for your country. Please note that credits may vary based on local currency.

Custom deal

We try to stay flexible. If you would like to trade toward a new model that is not included in a Trade-In deal or you would like to trade in a model that is not listed as eligible, contact us anyway. We may be able to tailor a deal just for you.