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Premium Trade-In Solutions
MXG and EXG X-Series Signal Generators
Trade-In Deal

Trade to Trade from Maximum credit* End date Save now
N5181B MXG analog signal generator
N5182B MXG vector signal generator
N5171B EXG analog signal generator
N5172B EXG vector signal generator
Various models from various manufacturers See credits below
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Deal in brief

You receive a credit worth up to 50% when you trade eligible models from a variety of OEMs toward the new N5181/82B MXG and N5171/72B EXG signal generators.


Improved specifications and features give the N5181/82B MXG and N5171/72B EXG superior performance:

Trade-In models

Maximum credit* toward analog models: N5171B EXG, N5181B MXG

Maximum credit* toward vector models: N5172B EXG, N5182B MXG

Trade-In credit

R&S Analog: SMB100A, SMA100A,SGS-B106

50% 35%


R&S Vector: SMBV100A,SMJ100A, SMU200A, SMATE200A,SGS-B106V, SGS-B112

50% 50%

Anritsu Vector: MG3700A, MG3681A

40% 40%


Agilent Analog: E4428C, N5181A

35% 35%


Agilent Vector: E4438C, N5182A

35% 35%

Agilent: 8648A/B/C, 8644A/B,8664A, 8665A/B, 8662A, 8663A,8643A, ESG-B series, E44XXB,N5161A, N5162A

25% 25%


Any other signal generator:

Any frequency range

10% 25%


 * Terms and conditions:

- The credit and any purchase agreement (PA) discount are not stackable. If a PA discount is applicable, then the credit is adjusted by the PA amount. E.g. if the standard credit is 30% and a quote based on a 3% PA is requested, the saving is split to 27% via the credit and 3% via the PA discount.

- Credits apply to new products only, not to Agilent software with a separate model number.

- The trade-in instrument must be in working condition to receive the full credit.

- Credit values are approximate and vary by currency.

- Credit values may be adjusted based on program response. 

- Rental Partners are not eligible.

- Credits are based on 1-to-1 Trade-In deals, i.e., one eligible Trade-In model traded toward one new product. Credits apply to Trade-In models and new products with the same frequency, e.g., a 3 GHz Trade-In model traded toward a 3 GHz new product. If a 3 GHz Trade-In model is traded toward a 6 GHz new product, it will receive the credit for the 3 GHz model.

Contact your Agilent sales representative to find out how much you can save.

How to trade

We are here to help. To learn more about this deal, please contact your Agilent sales representative or click the "get info/quote" button above. We can advise you on Trade-In availability, terms and conditions for your country. Please note that credits may vary based on local currency.

Custom deal

We try to stay flexible. If you would like to trade toward a new model that is not included in a Trade-In deal or you would like to trade in a model that is not listed as eligible, contact us anyway. We may be able to tailor a deal just for you.