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Premium Used N5245A
Network analyzer, PNA-X Series, 10 MHz-50 GHz

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N5245A-400 Available Network analyzer, PNA-X Series, 10 MHz-50 GHz
Fixed Options: 080 400 419 423
Configurable Options: 008 010 020 021 022 025 028 080 082 083 084 086 087 088 118 1CP 301 302 460 510 514 518 520 551 897 898
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World's widest range of single-connection measurement applications

The PNA-X network analyzer is the world´s most integrated and flexible single-connection microwave test engine for measuring active devices such as amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. You can choose from five frequency models to meet your specific device test needs: 13.5, 26.5, 43.5, 50, and 67 GHz. The PNA-X provides unrivaled configurability with a built-in second source, combiner, and internal signal-routing switches.

Replace racks and stacks

Reduce your equipment count by replacing racks and stacks of equipment with the PNA-X.




3 Year WarrantyWarranty and calibration plans

We provide a unique standard 3-year warranty for this Premium Used instrument. In addition, you can take advantage of greater cost savings via the option to extend the warranty to 5 years and by adding a 3-year or 5-year Calibration Assurance Plan.

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